A Look Back on 2018 in 14 Charts

With the end of 2018, it is important to take time to reflect on the year that we have had. This includes recalling the progress that we have made, as well as noting the work that lies in front of us. Donna Barne and Divyanshi Wadhwa from the World Bank have compiled 14 charts detailing the changes and challenges that the global community faces, from poverty reduction to confronting the reality of climate change.

Some interesting  takeaways from the charts are  listed below:

1. Extreme poverty is at the lowest level in recorded history

2. Extreme poverty is becoming more concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa

6.  At least 33 percent of waste is mismanaged through open dumping or burning

8. Demand for advanced skills is rising

10. 2.7 billion women are legally restricted from having the same choice of jobs as men

11. Borrowing by low- and middle-income economies has more than tripled

12.  By 2050, twice as many people will live in cities than in rural areas

13. 1.2 billion adults have gained access to financial services since 2011

14. About 118 million people gain electricity access each year

Based on the above one can forecast that education, energy and waste management will probably prove promising economic sectors in the future. We must remain steadfast in our commitment to a sustainable future so that 2019, and beyond, represents a more positive list of changes.
Find the full report here 

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