Wide Strategy Panels Discussion on Ethics & Culture Transformation

With instant information always at our fingertips, it is extremely important for businesses to uphold positive brand and corporate reputations. Consumers have become increasingly socially aware, choosing to spend their money on products and corporations they can feel good. The key to corporate reputation and thereafter, business success, is ethical leadership.

‘Ethics & Culture Transformation’, a round-table discussion  surrounding the topic of business ethics and culture change took place on Monday, January 28th in Athens. The event was organized by Granit Management, a Swedish consulting firm and Filotis Association, an association of foundations and people active in civil society aiming to promote the action of foundations and nonprofit institutions and the act of donation in Greece. Wide Strategy’s founder, Lyda Modiano, chaired the discussion and coordinated  the panel. The speakers addressed issues related to ethical dilemmas in business, and gave their perspectives on how ethical leaders can make a difference in a business trajectory.  “100 years ago, Sweden was swept by corruption; who could imagine our country would turn out into one of the most ethical paradigms in business practices?” said Lars Bjorklund during the discussion. He continued, “ethical corporate culture starts from the top; if a leader is guided by principles and values which he passionately and genuinely supports, then the company and its people will follow”.

The conference took place  under the auspices of the B. & M. Theocharakis Foundation for Fine Arts and Music.

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