Private Island in Greece Crafted by FLY ME TO THE MOON as a Leadership Team Retreat

Travel & Tourism is by far the fastest growing industry sector in Greece; business travel spending was forecasted to grow by 8.2% in Greece in 2018, almost double the EU average rate of growth (3.2%). The country is definitely an untapped business travel destination and FLY ME TO THE MOON, is among the first local Destination Management Companies (DMC) who chose to invest and develop this market.

To give you a taste of their service offering, FLY ME TO THE MOON’s founder, Elena Papanicolaou has shared details of what a corporate retreat planned by the company would look like:

Your team worked hard, so how about offering them a piece of paradise as a token of your appreciation for all their hard work through a private island corporate retreat in Greece? Our exclusive private island is the ideal choice for those who wish to enjoy the privacy of a Greek island, classy, laid-back accommodation and an array of meticulously curated activities that will guarantee a magical bonding experience for the whole team.

Luxury lies in simplicity and this is why we are dedicated to crafting an experience that touches on tradition, authenticity and life’s little pleasures. The estate is a 20th century style villa completed with solid wood doorways, gleaming marble bathrooms and elegant furnishings. We offer unveiled privacy and unparalleled sea views — where your team will experience the best of both worlds, land and sea. This private Greek island is surrounded by pristine beaches which are free from the crowds and development. Whether it’s an early morning swim that you enjoy or a few moments of solitude — this hidden paradise will gift you with the most rejuvenating experience you could ever ask for.

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