The Promising Future of Greek Stevia

Worldwide, there has been an increasing demand for stevia, a natural, healthy and zero-calorie sweetening alternative to sugar. According to a report by 2019 Pure Circle Published Financial Statements, the global stevia market size is expected to reach USD771.5 million by 2022, expanding at a CAGR+9,5% since 2017.  Stevia Hellas Cooperative is Europe’s leading large-scale stevia cultivator based in Central Greece’s region, with 50 cultivators. The model of the innovative agri-business is based on cooperation at all levels of the supply chain. Stevia Hellas has entered a partnership with Green Cola, a stevia-sweetened Greek soft drinks company that exports in 20 countries. The two companies have engaged Wide Strategy to showcase their journey as a success model and increase awareness on the market opportunities ahead. “A strong cooperation of people creates social, governance and environmental benefits for the society. As a CEO, I believe that farmers should Cooperate, engage Technology and focus into producing final products. We should all have active roles throughout the production chain and work under the same scope of producing high-end products with a strong market potential.” – Christos Stamatis, CEO of Stevia Hellas.

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