Report on Change in the UK Financial Services: EFS’s Input

A few weeks ago, People Insight  released a report titled, “Change in the  UK Financial Services”. The report refers to the opinions of industry leaders on how to engage people in transformational change. As quoted in the introduction “ …Financial services couldn’t be a better example of an industry where extreme change is the constant …But the good news is that change can be managed and culture can be developed….”.  Among the contributors to the report are three representatives from Engage For Success: Fiona Anderson, Nigel Girling and Jo Moffatt. All three discussed what they feel has transformed the culture in the financial services in recent years, and how to bring their teams along during periods of transformation. You can find their quotes below: 

“Instead of “spitting out words” these are the leaders and managers who truly embrace employee engagement as the heart of peak performance and productivity. They create an environment that mirrors the company values, where people understand how they contribute to business success, are encouraged to speak out and are trusted to develop solutions.” 

-Fiona Anderson, Engage For Success Steering Group, Founder

“Don’t let anyone try and tell you culture can’t be changed or effectively managed. It should be treated with the same care, attention and rigour as you apply to your brand management, otherwise you could end up with toxic silos and a LIBOR scandal on your hands.” 

-Jo Moffatt, Engage For Success Strategy, Director 

“Volatile times are only scary for the powerless. If people feel like they can influence their own future they can move mountains. Like most things, it’s a leadership issue”

-Nigel Girling, Engage For Success Steering Group, Director

Founded by David MacLeod in 2013, Engage for Success (EFS) is a growing, dynamic, voluntary movement promoting employee engagement as a better way to work that benefits individual employees, teams and whole organisations.Lyda Modiano recently joined the Thought and Action Steering Group of the organisation as a member, bringing an international perspective to the table. Engage for Success Steering Group’s role is to provide expert support to practitioners and advice on future direction and potential for the cause. 

You can find the full People Insight report here

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