No More Business as Usual: The Importance of Sustainable Leadership

With global population on the rise, an increasingly unpredictable climate, and finite planetary boundaries, the world faces social and environmental challenges at an unprecedented scale. Businesses cannot wait for governments and policy-makers to regulate their actions; they themselves must actively work to shape the future citizens want and need.

It is widely acknowledged that there is both a commercial and a moral case for business responsibility. Yet, framing business action in terms of positive societal and environmental outcomes is not a simple task; it requires a fundamental shift in the way business and the economy operates. Rather than thinking of business success in terms of short-term profit, sustainable leadership aligns business success with the delivery of positive, accountable, and sustainable social and environmental outcomes.

The University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) believes that businesses need to be at the forefront of a movement of change. Business as usual is no longer an option in today’s age. For almost 30 years, CISL has been fine-tuning their leadership development model with more than 8,000 business and government leaders around the world. CISL helps businesses innovate their practices, products and leadership models in order to pave the way for a better future. 

Keeping its edge in corporate responsibility trends and developments, Wide Strategy through its director, Lyda Modiano, has recently joined the Cambridge Institute for Sustainable Leadership programme (CISL). You can find out more about CISL by reading their executive summary on rewiring leadership.

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