The Ethics of Coronavirus

social distancing in seashore

Social Distancing - Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

During the past few weeks we have witnessed an unprecedented chain of events. The Coronavirus pandemic has shaken societies around the globe, regardless of their nature, advanced, primitive, wealthy or poor.

The impact and upheaval has so many aspects; it challenges our values, our lifestyle, our work conditions and our very livelihood.  Western societies have proven unprepared, with shallow defense mechanisms and poor health and social care systems. Solidarity between EU members seems under question; every country is fighting to survive with as little damage as possible. A cynic and harsh reality.

Our western civilisation under challenge. 

Cities to Ban Gatherings, Nonessential Workers to Stay Home.
Cities to ban Gatherings, Nonessential Workers to Stay Home. Photo by visuals on Unsplash

Out of the hundreds of articles published on the topic, we have selected the ones we consider more impactful. The New York Times article, referring to the doctors’ dilemma -who lives and who dies–  , is in our view the most striking, an article that we find deeply tormenting.

Below you can find our selection of insightful articles -from a philosophical perspective:

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