Remote working is here to stay?

laptop on table in remote location

The covid-19 pandemic changed our world for good, companies and organisations had to make rapid adjustments and transfer their operations to the digital domain in order to minimize human interaction and thus the spread of the virus. 

While many companies that were tech related adapted easier, others suffered and weren’t able to make the transition as effectively. 

The pandemic acted as a global dress rehearsal for the “Work From Home” act, a new trend in the workforce that may prove to be  the start of a totally different way in which employees approach their work. Working from home has empowered us to think and work exactly where we feel more productive,  in our living room, a nearby coffee shop or in the backyard /balcony. So when we finally “get back to normal” some may choose to continue to work from home while others will prefer to return to the office. Flexibility can mean changing things when we want and need to. 

How will companies deal with this change? Will they embrace this new operational trend? And if so, what will be the impact on office spaces and by consequence on real estate? Will remote working translate into constant employee monitoring and pressure from the employer? 

It will only be a matter of time to see how things will evolve, but one thing is for certain, cost efficiencies will lead decisions. Let’s hope that they will not be at the expense of the employees’ well-being and health. 

Read more about remote working in the following article published in Techcrunch: Work From Home is dead, long live Work From Anywhere

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