The compass in times of uncertainty: Purpose

Great wave off Kanagawa

The Great Wave off Kanagawa - Print by Hokusai. Public Domain.

The painting depicted above can become a leadership lesson to all. Just like the crew on Hokusai’s masterpiece can see Mt. Fuji in the distance, so does a team need to know the “destination” in order to find the strength to battle against “today’s waves” – challenges. 

This battle is very relevant today in the business sector, where teams and leaders are called to perform in totally uncharted territories. It is even more relevant in the Health sector, where medical teams have been facing daily challenges by risking their own lives to save one more person, nourish one more elder and comfort families in the context of the pandemic. What really drives them? Their purpose, the reason they wake up in the morning is because they feel a deep, inherent responsibility to take care of others and they know their hard work is part of a global effort to save lives.

You can read the original article from Marc Plumart, CEO of Healthcare Worldwide, Sodexo which was originally published on the 1st of June in the World Economic Forum here.

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