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In only 10 years, Tesla has managed to go from a new player in the public market to the most valuable automaker in the world by market value, when its market cap hit $81.39 billion (as of July 1st 2020).

Tesla is mostly known to produce electric cars but this  is only one branch of their production. Their vision goes much beyond: it is to create an entire sustainable energy ecosystem where it offers a unique set of energy solutions, from solar roofs, to powerpacks and powerwalls enabling individuals, businesses and in the future entire towns to effectively manage renewable energy generation, storage and consumption. As of May 2020 Tesla has started the necessary process for the production of electricity in the UK

It is interesting to see how Tesla is paving the way towards a more sustainable future,  mainly leading by example. More importantly though, Tesla has succeeded to challenge the status quo and outperform established energy producers; with ammunition its clear vision as to how it wants the world to be, it gained market share and is positioned as the most innovative and ‘good’ company to the minds of many consumers. Many automotive and tech companies are following Tesla’s  example. Let us hope this trend will bring about true change in the corporate culture and mission-setting of other companies – it is those companies that will drive us to a better future and will change the world! 

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