Are your employees engaged while working remotely?

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Working from home or living at work?

What began as a temporary solution when the pandemic first started has become the new normal. Remote working apparently is here to stay, as data seems to indicate that benefits outgrow the drawbacks. 

However, when a team is spread across the world and everyone has their own flexible work hours, it is difficult for employers to keep them engaged and productive. After all the modern workforce is composed of a diverse age group where each generation has its own preferred  tools to communicate. This can stimulate many communication related issues, which may not have surfaced when working in an office but may have serious implications while working remotely.

Engage for success” newsletter recently published an article authored by Matt Kimberly, on how to measure employee engagement remotely; Kimberly highlights five quick and simple steps to build and measure remote workforce engagement effectively:

  1. Set clearly defined goals and deadlines to remote employees
  2. Be proactive and ensure employees do not feel disconnected, through empathy and communication 
  3. Develop engagement tools that fit best to your employee culture
  4. Foster a culture of knowledge sharing
  5. Invest in the right technology for your collaboration tools

It is always easier to collaborate with a satisfied workforce than an unhappy one or even worse, a disconnected one. Clear communication and empathy prove to be critical in every day interactions, especially in a workplace albeit a remote one.

Engage for Success is a dynamic movement of volunteers across the UK which aims to promote employee engagement as a better way to work. Wide Strategy’s founder, Lyda, has been a member of the EfS TAG Steering Group since 2018. 

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