Capacity Building – Workshop

The GIVMED team. From left to right: Thanasis, Nikoleta, Danai, Alex & Konstantina

Wide Strategy recently completed the implementation of a capacity building programme  that was commissioned by the non-profit organisation  GIVMED – which provides an electronic network where people and companies can donate medicine. GIVMED’s vision is to offer free medicine to the ones in need; the organisation was established in 2016 and has donated 100,000 packs of medicine of more than 1 million euros total value so far. 

The organisation’s capacity programme kicked off early this year and runs in three stages; the first stage was completed in April and involved a series of 121 sessions with GIVMED’s founder and head, Thanasis Vratimos; the second stage which is still undergoing, involves the seven team members of GIVMED. The third stage will evolve next year and will include coaching and performance reviews for the organisation and the team. The aim of the programme is to empower the team and bring clarity and focus to GIVMED’s development strategy.

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