November 30, 2020
board room

Has the pandemic shaken up boardrooms?

A recently published article from INSEAD analyses how boards have actually reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic. The four authors of the article Stanislas Shekshnia, Veronika Zagieva and Maria Nazarova surveyed 266 chairs, directors and CEOs in 23 countries, mostly in Europe, between May and June this year and found that […]
November 30, 2020

Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2020

The World Bank, through the generous support of the Partnership Fund for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG Fund), has recently published the Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals 2020. This is a digital Atlas that  presents interactive storytelling and data visualizations about the 17 Sustainable Development Goals across the world.  While […]
November 30, 2020

A successful first: our webinar on Sustainability

Last week Wide Strategy organised its first webinar titled “Sustainability in Action”.  The primary goal we had in mind while planning this webinar was to help the audience understand best practice cases and get tangible support on how to introduce/apply sustainability in their companies and organisations.  Our four experienced speakers […]
November 4, 2020

Wide Webinar | Sustainability in Action

Sustainability is a complex term, a concept which sometimes is difficult for companies to understand; yet, they feel an increasing pressure to take action on this front; they are called to implement ESG strategies that would fundamentally impact their very nature – their products, their operations, their infrastructure. How can […]

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