Social Dilemma II?

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The social dilemma

Netflix’s new docu-drama is based on  Silicon Valley whistleblowers testimonies that explain how they have built  the likes of Facebook and Twitter, and how much they regret having done so. This 90-minute documentary lays bare a vast range of complex problems with compelling clarity: the level to which we are not in control of our behaviours, our beliefs, our own selves. The Independent’s journalist, Alexi Duggins,  describes in a talented manner why Social Dilemma is the most important documentary of all times. Many who have watched the film, would second his view. Still what we find even more compelling and inexplicable, is the fact that after watching the film we, as many other viewers, went on with our usual social media habits, as if the film was not relevant to us. This is an even more shocking outcome of this film. Maybe this should be Jeff Orlowski’s new challenge? Should the docu-drama director consider producing a Social Dilemma II?   You can read Duggins’ article in the Independent here.

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