Should everyone in the World Be Taxed on Their Energy Footprint?

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Iason Athanasiadis, in his article titled “Everyone in the World Should Be Taxed on Their Energy Footprint”  published on December 6th 2017, suggests that only a radically new tax system, one that affects everyone’s bottom line, can compel the environmental transition in consciousness that we so clearly need. In his view, an energy footprint-based tax system would accelerate our transition to a regenerative economy and help us fight climate change. The system would hold societal advantages, too. Taxing us on the basis of our energy consumption counters the creation of migration choke-points, and encourages local innovation by downplaying imports, while reducing the kind of inequality between more and less economically developed countries that was baked into our global system of trade and consumption…Is this the only option we have left to save our planet? Have any of the other policies applied so far brought any solid result? Iason supports a radical approach worth reflecting upon.

You can read the full article here 

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