Our company name ‘Wide Strategy’ reflects our vision: we aspire to have a market footprint which is based on the wide perspective we use in our analysis, the broadness of our thinking in our strategy design and the open and transparent communication we endorse with our customers; ‘wide’ signifies our working model. And ‘strategy’ is what we do. We design strategies. We provide a unique strategic direction for each customer, to fit best with his/her business objectives. Our vision is to support customers by designing open-minded strategies that help them reach their business objectives. This is the foundation of our offering.


Our values are simple and powerful

Excellence is our driving force; being intellectually curious, we always look for the best result, as difficult as it may be to reach. We are driven by excellence in our thinking and in our actions.

Openness reflects our wide perspective and is the cornerstone of everything we do: the broadness of our thinking is reflected in our analysis, in our problem solving and throughout our overall project implementation.

Our can-do attitude is what makes our values matter. We are results-driven. Wide Strategy team has spent decades developing the capabilities and proprietary methodologies to design and implement communications strategies and projects that are effective.


Because we go the extra mile to genuinely understand your needs. We do a thorough analysis of the context affecting each project. Being seasoned professionals, we have acquired a deep understanding of the inherent culture that guides corporations, non-profits or small companies. We have a good understanding of the bottlenecks that can sometimes hold back an organisation; we have the tools to help organisations endorse a smooth and manageable disruption, so as to be kept ahead of competition.

Because our talented and diverse associates bring in a wide approach in our analysis and problem solving. We combine fresh ideas and young thinking coming from the millennial generation with the wisdom of seasoned professionals; we engage associates of different geographical origins; and are supported by professionals with diverse expertise - from artists to engineers. When designing customer strategy, this is how we bring an interdisciplinary, intergenerational, intercultural, wide perspective to the table.

Because we get things done. Wide Strategy’s ‘can-do’ culture and its proprietary project-methodology ensure that customer objectives are delivered and measurable.

Because our fees are lean and simple. We make sure to understand your unique needs and preferences and give you fee options to select from:

  • By the hour – for advisory services.
  • By the project – for issue specific programmes whose life-cycle ranges from one to six months.
  • By retainer fee – for on-going strategic support to customers.

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