Wide Strategy is a London-based independent consultancy firm established in 2017. We bring over 30 years of experience as corporate executives and specialize in corporate leadership positioning and strategic communication. Our extensive professional experience in the corporate world as well as our focus-oriented approach, is what makes us stand out as a consultancy.

We work closely with our clients, supporting them in areas of branding, stakeholder engagement, corporate leadership and business development advisory. At Wide Strategy, we strongly believe that corporate success is directly linked to effective communications. We work at arms-length to our clients as integrated consultants to help them communicate with a focus, towards their stakeholders and the public at large.

At Wide Strategy, we turn your business vision into reality.


Our company name, ‘Wide Strategy,’ reflects our business vision; to support our customers by designing open-minded and far-reaching strategies, which enable them to achieve their business objectives. This is the foundation of our offering.

We go the extra mile to genuinely understand your needs. We have a thorough understanding of the communication bottlenecks that can sometimes hold back organisations from achieving their potential. We also have the tools to help our clients overcome these hurdles and keep ahead of the competition.

Our talented and diverse associates put forth a wide approach to analysis and problem solving. We engage associates of different geographical origins and ages; and are supported by professionals with diverse expertise - from editors to engineers. When designing your communications strategy, we look at it from all angles and bring a ‘wide’ perspective to the table.

Our can-do attitude is what makes our values matter. The Wide Strategy team is results-driven; we have spent decades developing our capabilities and proprietary methodologies to design and implement the most effective communications strategies.

Our fees are lean and simple. We make sure to understand your unique needs and preferences and give you fee options to select from: per retainer, per project, per hour.

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Wide Strategy firmly believes in the value of giving back to our communities. This is why ever since the company was founded, it took upon offering pro bono mentorship to young entrepreneurs, through startup accelerators Reload Greece, Zinc, and City Starters Weekend.

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Wide Strategy also donates annually in support of two charity organisations. In 2018 it was UK Cancer Research and Estia Agios Nikolaos, a life-sharing community for people with special needs in Greece.

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